The Arts in West Adams – Third Annual Art in Historic Places Tour


The Tour Was a Great Success -- We Sold Out!

The Arts in West Adams – Third Annual Art in Historic Places Tour
Saturday, March 24

[ CCH Pounder's Letter to our tour participants: ]

My character in SYFY's Warehouse 13 would call this an …"Invitation to endless WONDER!"

This year I've been asked to be the Honorary Chairperson for the Third Annual Art in Historic Places Tour and I'm delighted because I think we may be missing a fantastic opportunity to meet each other, see who else is here, realize that "artists" of many disciplines who live in close proximity to each other may have a darn good time enjoying each other's works and company. It's a great way to show all our friends what our neighborhood looks like. It's an opportunity to potentially fill those large historic walls with new art … I'm getting excited and I hope you are, too.

I invite you to my neighborhood not only for the art, but for its history, architecture,
cross-cultural pollination, and for us to discover together the living artists behind so many historic doors.

“The Arts in West Adams: Pattern, Decoration and Diversity” was the 3rd annual Art in Historic Places tour presented by West Adams Heritage Association (WAHA). The self-guided driving (or cycling) tour was Saturday, March 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Historic West Adams and nearby environs are becoming a new hotbed for fine art, with a growing number of established and emerging artists now living and/or working in the community, along with a small but steadily growing number of galleries. Tour participants visited some of West Adams' most interesting historic places, showcasing works by some of its most talented artists, working in media and subject matter from classic to contemporary.Tour includes artists' own homes and studios, plus two important cultural institutions: The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library (which, along with thousands of rare books, houses two distinct and diverse art collections), and the California African American Museum, whose current exhibit,” Places of Validation,” is part of the area-wide Pacific Standard Time exhibit).

Our Honorary Chairperson was award-winning actor, West Adams resident, noted art collector and gallery owner CCH Pounder. Known for her work in film and television (Bagdad Café, End of Days, Face/Off, Avatar, ER, The Shield, Warehouse 13 and many others), she has also enjoyed an art life, owning her own gallery in Los Angeles for over 15 years, The Pounder- Kone Art Space, and co-owning The Boribana Museum, the first privately run museum of contemporary art in Dakar, Senegal. Discovering new artists and celebrating the world of art is her great passion.

The Clark Library (above) was be on the tour.

NBC 4 Southern California ran an article on their website about CCH Pounder, our honorary chairperson for this year's Art Tour and her support of the West Adams neighborhood. To read this wonderful article, click here.